Contentedness. Is that even a word?

My how time flies! It’s been over a month since my last post but it seems like just last week. Busyness seems to be a theme in life and in mine in particular over the last month. I was blessed to spend a week relaxing on a beach in Mexico in September with a good friend but even by the last two days I was already beginning to make mental lists of everything I needed to do to make up for a week away. So it feels like ever since we’ve gotten home I’ve just been catching up on everything that I need to do!


The first 188 day countdown has now shrunk considerably and I don’t feel any more prepared than I did then. I still have a tonne of support letters to hand out and events to plan and I generally feel like I’ve gotten nothing accomplished! Between working almost full time (and many of those days till a small child’s bedtime) and attempting to have some semblance of balance in my life time keeps passing by and the list of things to do does not get shorter. Feeling overwhelmed with what feels like a mounting pile of tasks and stress kinda got me thinking…

It feels like in life we’re always striving towards the next thing. Once I’m done this, I’ll do that; after this project is done I’m already thinking of the next one. Why is it so difficult to be content in the place we are in?

I can’t speak for everyone but after some consideration I feel as if for myself at least, it is a combination of impatience, envy and competition that fuel that desire to fit in wherever that may be. Society, culture, my family and friends and to a large extent my own mind have mapped out these neat little paths with measured out check boxes along the way. Everyone has an opinion about where and what I should be doing and it’s difficult to filter what is good advice.  Moreover, it’s just freaking discouraging. And than I read the viral articles 26, unmarried and childless and the aftermath and man did they speak to me, particularly the aftermath. She hit the nail on the head with the potentially damaging effects of a poorly postured question and subsequently how we, as young women can be content in our current place but that this does NOT mean we are not moving forward or that we are “behind”! After all, I’m moving to Africa and I can’t help but think that likely, with a husband and children or career, I wouldn’t be making this move and I would miss out on all that the next year is going to mould, uplife and strengthen me.

Now I feel like I’ve rambled without really a purpose or an answer. I still haven’t figured out the trick to being content or to managing busyness but I do know that contentedness is in fact, a word.


One thought on “Contentedness. Is that even a word?

  1. My sister-in-law gave me a fantastic definition of contentment that really gets you thinking.
    Contentment: It is not a passive acceptance of the status quo, but the positive assurance that God has supplied one’s needs, and the consequent release from unnecessary desire.
    Food for thought for sure! Praying for you my friend!

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