Overwhelmed again… but…

MAN AM I BLESSED OR WHAT? Last week was an interesting week for me including 2 Christmas parties, a fundraiser, a goodbye party for friends moving away permanently, a 17 hour work day and now I’ve got an awful sinus infection that resulted in hours of glorious sleeping today. But through it all did I ever learn a lesson… He is faithful and full of grace and provision.


So fundraising hasn’t been going super fantastic and I think I’ve mentioned before that there’s a tension between trusting and trying to control everything yourself. So of course a couple weeks ago when I found out I was at like 20% of my goal I was discouraged and also angry at myself for not working harder at talking to people and pleading my case. Then I had a very real and candid conversation with my coordinator in which I realised that I am trying to make this happen and not trusting Him and pleading my case when really I should be turning the focus on Him and his call for me to do this work. Which as you can imagine was a humbling and emotional moment which then as I went into this weekend and my fundraiser I was already feeling pretty vulnerable and then these things happened…


1) My dear darling of a friend Bre McDaniel who has a voice that just soothes the soul and is so calming sang a song for me and I just cried. And cried. And wanted to cry some more but there were people around. Pretty much the song was about when you think you’re walking alone to know that there are people walking with you. *Sobs*

2) I know I have friends. And I know I’m loved. But when that comes all together in one room it’s so incredibly humbling and I feel undeserving and moved and just so blessed. One of them, who so kindly donated her talent and time, was introducing me and advocating for me with just the deepest words of support and I know she knows exactly what I’m feeling because 2 years ago she was embarking on an epic mission to India and as she spoke for me I can’t explain the emotion and everything I felt.

3) Then (I’m starting a lot of sentences with words that shouldn’t start sentences but don’t judge me) when I got home and was counting my support earned for the night there were some incredibly surprising gifts. One gift was passed on from a woman whom I met once, literally like 6 months ago, who heard about the fundraiser and gave it to a mutual friend to give to me. One was so overwhelmingly generous from the most unexpected of supporters that as I sat on my bed at 2 am tallying, I burst into more tears.

I really could go on to describe a bunch more items of how blessed I felt and how much God has done over the last week but that would go on forever.


That being said, I’m still quite a ways off and only a week left to go!!! So tell your friends and neighbours if they’re looking for somewhere to give charitably to consider me.




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