Remember when it was 188 days? I sure do.

I thought that day was yesterday but apparently all those days of life’s busy schedule turns into weeks and into months and now it’s 18 til K-day. One word.


Okay, so I’m all kinds of emotions right now. Excited, anxious, stoked, apprehensive, worrisome, heart skipping beats (that’s not really an emotion but it’s a feeling), butterflies (ditto), sad, happy, joyful etc. I’m trying to pack and have started this process early for the inevitable pack and repack process. I’m trying to pack for a whole year in a conservatively dressed culture (not that I’m so liberally dressed but comparatively speaking…) where western toiletries like sunscreen, shampoo and feminine hygiene are pricey. All into one suitcase and one carry on.


Plus, the busy Christmas season is in full swing so parties and gatherings and services equals one super busy schedule and I’m also still working as many hours as I can! The hardest part right now is trying to work in a lot of good byes. I am surrounded by so many loving friends and family and its hard to make sure I check everyone off the list as it’s realistically probably the last time I’ll see them. It’s also showing me how many awesome people that I wish I knew better in my life as I am continually encouraged by conversations and coffee dates with some amazing women in my life and it makes me a little sad to go because I wish I could stay and just hang out with them! This is also in light of the fact that it’s the time of year when people get engaged and pregnant and my FB newsfeed is just littered with wonderful news that it’s crazy to think all these people will have babies when I’m home!

So there’s not really any profound thoughts right now, just a frantic mess of plans and exhaustion and excitement. WHEW!


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