All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go… JK they are not packed at all.

I’ve been packing slowly over the last few days and weeding out superfluous items and remembering others. The process is a bit daunting and also the idea of cleaning my room to be somewhat vacant over the next year.


Here we go… it’s not long now till I’m on a flight to Toronto for 4 days of orientation and then on to London and finally Nairobi. I’ve been asked a number of times if I’m excited and to quote the lovely Breanne I’m “exsaded.” What does that mean you ask? Well I am excited, in a calm very un-Angela way but also a little bit sad. I know that seems crazy because I get to go on this great adventure and do and see and feel and experience some awesomeness but life here will change and I won’t be here for that. People will have babies that will be 1 year old by the time I’m home or I’ll miss pregnancies entirely, people will get married (I’m missing my dear friend Danielle’s despite a marriage pact in first year uni) and I’ll come home in more or less the same phase of life although hopefully wiser (and tanner haha!). I’ve also been spending time with a couple friends in particular a little more and as I’ve gotten to know them realized how much I’ll miss them and wish I was just hanging out on a Friday night with them. But in doing so I’ve kinda distracted myself from my task at hand and where my focus ought to be. I’ve been dwelling on things I’ll miss and people I’d like to be with and missing the point. 


I get to live in Nairobi… possibly the coolest place I can think of to be and have an amazing time doing something good while I’m at it. I get to mentor and disciple these young women and give hope where before it may have been scarce. So I am excited although it’s a weird almost matter of fact excitement. It’s just a thing I’m doing and I don’t have that butterflies or can’t sleep excitement that I thought I might have. I am incredibly nervous and a little scared and convinced I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I’ve read books, prayed and chatted my way through a lot but it’s hard to prepare for the unknown.


And so here I go into my final week, filled with goodbyes and farewells. Tears have been and will be shed and hugs might last just a little bit longer then normal.


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