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It has been a busy couple of weeks here at AIC NTC. Orientation has occurred and for the most part intake is now finished. There are two courses, hair dressing and dress making, where we are still recruiting students and Hannah and I are going with Mr. Orao (an administrator at school) to meet with the young mothers who are beneficiaries of the Haki Kibera group to encourage them to enroll in the courses.

Student council elections are coming up this week and here are some of the candidates!

IMG_0890 IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0896IMG_0853

(L-R, T-B) Leviticus, Francis, Abed, Patrique and Solomon. They’re all friends and have likely strategically applied for different positions so they all get in! These were the first students to introduce themselves to us when we arrived and generally possess very electable personalities. Go figure.

For some reason no girls have applied yet even though majority of the students are girls.

Catering students on first day of practicals.

Catering students on first day of practicals.

In other news, I learned how to make chapatis, a local Indian influenced bread similar to a tortilla, with some of the students last week when the head office unexpectedly ordered a catered lunch for some guests from the Netherlands. Hannah and I got to meet them when they were touring the school and discovered us in the dressmaking class and then exclaimed, “This is the first international class offered!” It was nice to be part of the tour and not the ones on tour, really made me feel like we’ve settled in.


I mentioned last post that we learned to sew skirts in the dressmaking class. Good news, they fit (see left)! I am learning a lot of skills lol. Millicent, the dressmaking teacher and I took some time on Valentine’s Day to have a mini photo shoot with Hurdson, the early childhood and development education teacher and Demarius, the hairdressing and beauty therapy teacher. The students (and staff for that matter) love when we have cameras cause they love photos. I try not to have it all the time because it’s kind of distracting.


We tried not to take too many pictures the first couple weeks so we could settle in and not appear to be tourists. But now that the students know us they jump at the opportunity to be in a photo even if they might not get copies or ever see it again (i.e. I have no idea who this girl in the photo with me is Her name is Zipporah and now we are friends). When we taught the first life skills class some of the students even took photos and videos of us teaching!

We’re also starting to participate in a club at school called Christian Union. This is interesting in itself since the school itself is Christian although it admits students regardless of religious background. We’re not entirely sure how the club actually functions yet but it’s a good way to meet students in a smaller and more formal setting.


What a sandal tan!

WHEW! That is a lot going on but thankfully this past weekend we got the chance to spend the day at the Ole Sereni Hotel which is a five star hotel next to the national park (where you can go on day safari) thanks to a friend of a friend from the UK who was staying there (who also brought the best care package ever). As much as I love our ‘hood and the people, it was really lovely to lay by a pool and just soak in the somewhat present sun for a little R & R!


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