For Those Who Don’t Like Reading

As I spend my last days here reflecting on what’s happened over the last year, I thought I’d share with you my top 10 favourite photos I’ve taken this year. As a disclaimer I have to say that most of these photos were taken on trips or more exciting outings since that’s when I generally had my camera. Choosing between pictures that had sentimental value, or that I thought were a good representation of my time or were just plain beautiful was difficult. I could probably pick my top 10 in each of those categories.

1) I’m kissing a giraffe. I don’t really need to explain why this is an awesome photo. (July) DSC01458 2) I love this picture of Jason, Hannah, Christopher and me because of the memory of our funny jokes and fights over how similar we were. Also, this looks like such an awkward double date photo. Jason said, “You and Christopher look like a country band from Iowa.” (June) 10431486_10100834403591121_8862534917759156958_n 3)  Gazing out over the tea fields in Limuru. Just love the colour of the bushes and how the tea just keeps going and going. I’m not sure how accurately you can tell how steep this hill actually was. (September) IMG_3349 4) Love this photo of us at the United Nations Offices at Nairobi. Band shot for the win. I have no idea who the guy at N is but I’m sure he thought we were annoying. (July) IMG_2993 5)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this group photo of just some wazungus on a boat ride. Just capturing the vastness of the ocean and riding this dug out canoe on our way to snorkel. Good memories in Mombasa the first time (not that the second time wasn’t fun). (March) IMG_2637 6) Zebra butts are so cute. In the Masai Mara there were a gajillion zebras everywhere and I really wanted to just smack one on the bum. (July) IMG_2878 7) This picture is just plain fun. The girls were so excited in their first day of practical class to be in their uniforms and chef’s hats. When this picture was taken I didn’t really know any of these girls and over time we became friends. Yay. (February) IMG_0857 8) This picture just really defines what Nairobi and my life the last year has been. The twiga (giraffe) and the city skyline just combines the natural with the industrial, the rural and urban. Touche. (May) IMG_2277 9) Another photo I don’t really have to explain. What an epic shot of Hannah and I rafting the Nile. (April) IMG_4052 10) It was really really hard to choose one of me and Hannah because we took a lot of selfies and had a lot of good photos. I actually made a video of it when she left (she cried) and so after going through 6 months worth of shots I decided on this one. It’s our first trip out of Nairobi, to Kijabe and we stopped at this lookout. Just us and a crazy view. (March) IMG_1220 Again, this is by no means a good or evenly distributed representation of my year but these are the photos that stand out in my memory. To choose 10 from over 1500 taken proved no easy task. Thanks to everyone in the photos for all the memories!


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